• Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

The world is changing. Fast.

Businesses are being impacted through much greater expense by financial, economic, environmental, technological, political and social factors and need to navigate those changes to stay afloat. With change comes risk and it is harder to be prepared for every eventuality.

Most businesses keep their compliance and internal controls under review, but the best in class also regularly review their risk management. When done well, risk management not only future-proofs your organization, it helps you sail through stormy waters faster and stronger.

By managing risk, internal control and governance successfully, businesses not only survive, they are able to enhance their strategies and operations, take advantage of opportunities, using risk as a driver rather than a deterrent.

BDO advises organizations on their approach to designing and implementing an enterprise risk management (ERM) function that is practical and cost-effective.

At BDO, we believe that understanding the nature and extent of likely risks, and how to deal with them can be complicated enough without wrapping the whole process in unnecessary jargon.  We keep our messages clear and simple, so our clients can act on them rather than file them away because they have been over complicated.