• Financial audit

Financial audit

Financial audit allows obtaining an independent and professional report on the financial statements, which is very important for:

  • Shareholders; to make decisions regarding the future of their companies.
  • Investors: to make decision in investing in the company financial instruments.
  • Bank entities: to assess the financial situation and the results of operations and cash flows of the companies, to decide their financial support.
  • Suppliers: to assess the financial health of the company to sell their products and grant credit.
  • Regulators: to comply with law and regulations.

In addition to an audit of the financial statements, BDO Venezuela can perform the following services, among others:

  • Engagement to review historical financial statement (ISRE 2400).
  • Engagement to review interim financial information (ISRE 2410).
  • Assurance engagements other than audit or review of the financial historical information (ISAE 3000)